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School Uniform

Our school uniform colour is red, and is generally the same for boys and girls.

We have tried to give a number of options without ‘watering down’ the uniform, so please try to make sure that your child has correct school uniform.

Most items are available for order through the office, or order online here. Alternatively, most local supermarkets stock uniform items at very reasonable prices. 

If an item or colour is not mentioned, please assume that it is not part of the uniform.

Please make sure all items are named so they can easily be returned to your child if lost!


Girls Uniform

Plain, dark Grey or black skirt, trousers or pinafore dress

Red polo shirt

Red sweatshirt or cardigan (ideally with logo)

Plain white or red socks

Plain grey, red or white tights

Black shoes (not trainers)

Summer (optional)

Red summer dress or

Dark grey or black formal shorts

Boys Uniform

Plain, dark Grey or black trousers

Red polo shirt

Red sweatshirt (ideally with logo)

Grey or black socks

Black shoes (not trainers)


Summer (optional)

Dark Grey or black formal shorts


PE Kit - to be brought to school at start of a half term and taken home during holidays

Round neck T Shirt in house colour (Usk - green, Wye - yellow, Monnow - red)

Plain black shorts (not cycling shorts)

White socks

Trainers (outdoor only)


Winter (optional)

Sweatshirt in house colour

Plain black tracksuit bottoms


Scrunchies or headbands should be red or black