More Able and Talented. 

There is no universally- agreed definition of learners who generally would be recognised as more able. In Wales, the term ‘more able and talented’ is used to describe pupils who  require opportunities for enrichment and extension that go beyond those provided for the general cohort of pupils. More able pupils, given extended opportunities, will not only discover but also develop their talents. The term ‘more able and talented’ encompasses pupils who are more able across the curriculum as well as those who show talent in one or more specific areas. Approximately 20 % of the school population may be more able while the top 2% could be considered exceptionally able.

 In Trellech, ‘more able and talented’ encompasses an identified proportion of the total school population and is used to describe pupils who require enriched and extended opportunities across and beyond the curriculum in order to develop their abilities in one or more areas. In Trellech there will be a group of pupils who require greater breadth and depth of learning activities than is normally provided for the usual cohort of learners. In addition, there may be a need to provide for exceptionally able pupils. Where this occurs there will be an Individual Development Plan created.

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What is More Able and Talented?

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