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Expressive Arts

Celfyddydau Mynegiannol

In Trellech Primary School, we inspire all our learners to explore the Expressive Arts. In providing these experiences, it allows all our learners the opportunity to learn new skills and create a better understanding of each of the Five Disciplines. Exploring each of the disciplines provides the children with rich experiences for them to build a greater understanding about their local community and the world around them. By doing this, our learners become creative and curious individuals.  

We encourage our learners to take the opportunity to explore different pieces of art and use their own interpretations to understand it. Throughout the school, our learners evaluate their own and their peers work to share their ideas and give constructive feedback through each of the Five Disciplines of Expressive Arts. We encourage our pupils to see this as a positive opportunity to better both their own and their peers learning. 

As our pupils progress through the school, they use their skills and understanding to help engage them with their senses and imagination when participating in Expressive Arts. As well as re-imbedding skills they already have, we strive for our pupils to also learn new ones too within this Area of Learning Experience.  

We ensure that all learning is completed in an environment which is safe, positive and encouraging so that our pupils feel they can appropriately express themselves freely and without judgement.  

We see each of the Five Disciplines as a priority and ensure to explore them all throughout the school.  

The Five Disciplines of Expressive Arts: 

  • Art 
  • Dance 
  • Drama 
  • Film and digital media 
  • Music